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"I don't expect to be perfect. But at this point in my life, I just want my carry-on baggage to fit neatly into the overhead compartment."

-anonymous therapy client


  My Experience and Approach

I bring to our work together more than thirty years of experience as a therapist.  This has included work with young adults and older adolescents as well as people from all other points on the life-cycle spectrum.   I understand the powerful impact that our personal background, our culture, and our environment can have on our emotional health.  This means that, in getting to know you, I will take a holistic approach that incorporates these various aspects of a person's identity.  I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Carolina. My professional experience includes providing individual therapy in community mental health centers, college counseling services and correctional facilities, as well as facilitating couples retreats and also providing group, family and couples therapy.  For most of my 30+ years as a therapist, my primary position has been as the psychologist in a hospital-based Intensive Outpatient Program.  I have particular expertise in helping people to recover from trauma, including many years working with military veterans.  I regularly serve as a consultant to the legal and criminal justice systems on PTSD and other mental health issues.  I am also a seasoned professional speaker on mental health topics, having hosted training events in more than 60 cities. I'm proud to have been teaching and supervising clinicians-in-training for three decades.  

My approach to therapy is pragmatic and collaborative. As we work together, I will use an “open dialogue” style geared towards your preferences, needs and comfort level.  We’ll also actively tackle your specific concerns and issues using strategies that research has shown to be effective.  This means that we may combine traditional “talk” therapy (which may mean exploring recurring themes or deeper emotions) with identifying proactive strategies for changing behavior which you can then practice and rehearse outside of our sessions. Therapy is never “one size fits all”:  you and I will determine together how to meet your needs, and we will “adjust fire” as we proceed.  If you think that I might be a good fit with what you’re looking for in a therapist, then give me a call!

Areas of Expertise

I evaluate and treat a broad range of emotional and mental health issues in adults.  I have extensive experience with the treatment of trauma and PTSD, whether this stems from isolated events (like a car accident or a violent crime), or from trauma over time (such as warzone deployment, violence in a relationship, or abuse in childhood).  I utilize a range of established approaches to post-traumatic issues, including Prolonged Exposure therapy, as well as cognitive and narrative approaches.  I realize that, in the past few years, most of us have lived through significant disruption and upheaval in our families, our careers, and our society:  many people are seeking therapy at this time simply to figure out how to adapt and thrive in a rapidly changing world.  I bring a practical positivity to this process.

I am also experienced with the treatment of the following issues and conditions:

  • Anxiety, including social anxiety, phobias, and panic

  • Depression and bipolar disorders

Therapy is not just for “conditions” and “diagnoses”, however.  I can also help you to optimally manage major life transitions and challenges, including:

  • Grief and loss, including not just people close to you, but also sometimes the loss of pets, careers, health and lifestyles

  • Relationship issues including challenges associated with dating, divorce and break-ups, loneliness, commitment, parenting, and caregiving

  • Vocational and educational goal-setting, decisions, and transitions, whether you’re just starting a new career post-college or you’re navigating retirement

  • Health and medical challenges including life-threatening diagnoses, living with chronic illness or disability, as well as the psychological impact of “long COVID”

  • Stress and burn-out associated with pandemic-related challenges

  • Identity and diversity issues associated with race and ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation.  I support people who are engaged in healing processes associated with race-based trauma and discrimination.  I am an active ally for LGBTQ+ folks, including navigating all aspects of “coming out”.

  • Veteran and military-related challenges, including readjustment to life in the civilian world, as well as addressing deployment stress, combat trauma, moral injury, and Military Sexual Trauma (MST). 

Who am I?

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